Visible Youth


The Visible Youth area is comprised of several projects implemented in the east zone of the Villa de Zaachila municipality, an area characterized by the presence of the biggest landfill in the state of Oaxaca which receives between 800-1000 tons of waste daily.

Main donors:

EMpower Foundation, Promotora Social Mexico (Mexico Social Promotor), McGinty Family Foundation, Dibujando un Manaña Foundation (Drawing a Better Future), support from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, Direct Aid Program from the Australian embassy, International Soroptimista Donaji Club and International Odense Club (Denmark).

General Objective:

To generate capacities in teenagers living around the biggest metropolitan landfill in Oaxaca so they may face the violence, advocate for gender equity, increase youth participation and develop life skills.

This project aligns with the Sustainable Development Objectives (5) Gender equality, (3) Health and well-being, (4) Quality education, (16) Peace, justice and solid institutions, (17) alliances to achieve objectives.

Full description:

The projects anchored to Visible Youth are implemented through collaborative teams that promote the formation and strengthening between peers since for teenagers, making change is based not only on what they know but also in the actions and opinions of their close peers. Teenagers exchange and enrich themselves with peers from their same age group through their shared experiences, interests, restlessness and expectations; hence, the Visible Youth projects are based in the intergenerationality and collaboration amongst peers.

It should be highlighted that in all projects, mothers, fathers, professors, local authorities and other organizations participate in training and strengthening processes, looking for integral transformation, support groups, a community with tools to protect children’s rights and protect youth through the construction of concepts on gender equity, violence prevention, human rights and youth perspectives.

What does the Visible Youth area propose?
  • Annually capacitating children from 5th and 6th grade and youth from all three middle school years through playful-bonding exercises and storytelling.
  • Implementing a two year Youth Community Promotion program with the Visible Ladies component.
  • Implementing workshops on life skills, sexual and reproductive rights, leadership, self-esteem, amongst others, in middle schools of east Zaachila.
  • Fortifying skills to generate tools of sexual violence prevention with children and youth.
  • Participation in activities of violence prevention through the work of Red Retoño, Red ALAS and Red Libera, including facilitating the visit to Mexico of Italy’s Gruppo Abele founder, Luigi Ciotti, who met with relatives of violence victims in Mexico and other social organizations.
  • Art, bicycling and reading, reflection, playful-bonding exercises, community projects and collective work are methodological tools promoted by the Visible Youth projects to address several topics, particularly those sensible for children and youth. Constant dialogue and full compartence encourage recognition among peers, serving as a strategy for participation, collaboration and violence prevention.
  • Storytelling: allows us to reflect on situations that, distant, allow the analysis of immediate contexts to identify and characterize elements and risky practices and from there build individual and collective risk prevention tools.
  • Artistic techniques such as photography, graffiti, engraved art and theater ease the ways in which youth participate with their peers and intergenerationaly participate by recognizing the importance of expression, collaboration and participation in their own terms.
  • The adult sessions are based on the sensibilization, training and strenghening of protection and prevention tools to practice the rights of children and youth (NNAJ). During the sessions we address problems and concerns children and youth face, looking to contribute in improving intergenerational communication, bonding and collaboration.
Visible Youth has the following components:
  1. PrevaleSer (Continuation):Promotes the identification, element characterization and sexual violence risk practices for children and youth to build individual and collective prevention tools.
  2. Youth Community Promotion: Group of 40 teenagers who meet one or two times a week in an interscholastic manner, permitting them to exercise leadership, increase their community participation and perform actions in benefit of other teenagers.
  3. Chicas Bicibles (Visible Ladies): Team comprised of female youth who strenghten their self-esteem, autonomy and health through the use of bicycles.
Main results 2019-2020:

The participants express that SiKanda contributes to the self-recognition youth make in terms of their own strengths and weaknesses by encouraging reflection and analysis on the ways they participate on daily contexts such as:

  1. The mechanisms they have generated as mediators on violent situations or facing risk factors.
  2. The support groups they establish with their peers.
  3. The coping strategies upon emotional crises through friendship circles.
  4. Identity construction through the roles they assume in their interpersonal relationships.
  5. Self-recognition through introspective reflection.


We have observed the following results:

  • 326 teenagers capacitated on human rights, gender equity, violence prevention and participative leadership.
  • 40 teenagers are part of the Youth Community Promotion program.
  • 30 young women from the east Zaachila, Oaxaca Community Promotion program are part of a cyclist group that strenghtens their autonomy and mobility.