Girls on Bikes


Girls on Bikes is a team made up of adolescents and young women who, through the use of the bicycle, strengthen their self-esteem, autonomy, and health. In addition, the bicycle is used as a tool and mechanism to make adolescents visible and empower them in risky contexts, allowing them to define strategies to reduce gender inequalities, promote safe forms of mobility, and, above all, their recognition and dignity.

This component is linked to the Promoting Youth Communities team.Six months after participating as “leaders” of the community, participants receive a bicycle that helps them improve their autonomy, promote gender equality and attend school, generating significant savings for participating families.

General objective:

Build capacities in young women who live around the largest metropolitan garbage landfill in Oaxaca to face the problem of violence, promote gender equality, increase youth participation, and develop life skills.


“We started this group two years ago, in August. I liked it a lot, it caught my attention, and I and other friends signed up. And I did stay and well. I was happy. I went to workshops on graffiti, photography, we learned about rights and violence prevention. We learned many interesting things.

The bike has changed me because before I was very shy. I didn’t like talking to strange people. I was afraid of people. But I started riding my bike and broke free. I didn’t have enough friends. But right now I have. I like to talk, to live together. Nor did I like to go out alone, because I felt that they were going to rob me. I was afraid. But right now I am going out alone. Or sometimes accompanied by bike. But I do feel happier because I was not who I am. I wasn’t like that before. I really like to chat. I feel that I have changed. Several people have told me that I am not the same as before. Because when I entered this project I always had to be with only one friend. Right now, I hang out with anyone, I talk with whoever I want.”

  • A group of 28 Girls on Bikes was formed who received bicycles, a cycling and basic mechanics workshop.
  • 5 community sessions of physical and emotional self-care with participants from 5 generations.
  • Four rounds were made to recognize codes among women to strengthen leadership, self-esteem and mutual care.
  • 79% of the participants did not know how to ride a bike before the project. After the project, 100% of young people learn to ride a bicycle and use it as a means of transportation to go to school or to travel within the community.
  • By using the bike, the girls and young women avoid violence in the street space. 58% indicate avoiding harassment situations, 17% blows and assaults to the same extent and 8% persecution.
  • Adult people report changes in strength and physical agility in young gwomen (22%); and greater responsibility in the way they behave (22%). The impacts of the bike are causing changes in the feelings, thoughts, and actions of young people.
  • Youth perceive that their feeling of freedom increases and they can move more quickly and safely within their community.
  • 326 adolescents trained in human rights, gender equality, violence prevention and participatory leadership. 30 adolescent women community leaders from Zaachila Oriente, Oaxaca, are part of a cycling group to strengthen autonomy and mobility.

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