Statutes registered with the Notary public.

Denomination: The association is named SOLIDARIDAD INTERNACIONAL KANDA, denomination followed by the words ASOCIACION CIVIL or the abbreviation A. C. (Civil Association)

Location: The association is located in Oaxaca de Juárez, Oaxaca, Mexico.

Objectives: The association will have the following objectives:

  • To support vulnerable groups and/or groups in a situation of poverty.
  • To promote and create programs of development and humanitarian aid in communities, localities, and zones with low indexes of human development, through volunteering and national and/or international cooperation.
  • To contribute in the creation of a culture of international solidarity and social cooperation.
  • To prioritize the eradication of any form of exploitation, injustice, discrimination and marginalization, with a special emphasis on violations of the rights of women, underage individuals, and vulnerable groups.
  • To promote the knowledge and application of human rights and individual liberties.
  • To To foster leadership skills within women, stengthening their management, negotiation, and process or project construction capabilities.
  • To To promote and develop activities related to: satisfying individuals’ primary necessities and protecting human life, addressing food security and sovereignty, addressing the value and protection of natural and cultural resources, and implementing and consolidating the individuals’ and towns’ interior, economic, social and cultural development processes.
  • To To foster individuals’ participation in the defense of the environment and actively involve them in the process of improving their lives, favoring a better social cohesion and organization, and promoting behaviors and habits which improve individuals’ life quality and respect the cultural and social environment.

Patrimony: The association’s patrimony will be composed of the following income:

  • The The goods or rights it acquires from property.
  • The amounts of the contributions that associates give, in a manner determined by the General Assembly and in which case will favor the association.
  • The donations it receives from individuals or institutions, including those coming from abroad.
  • The income the association receives through activities directly or indirectly related to the social objective.