Sikanda considers the contribution of each of the donors vital to achieve their objectives. Because of this, the organization has established a relationship of trust and orientation for those who support us:

  1. Choosing the projects: You can direct your contribution to a specific project or intervention area.
  2. Participation: You can participate through your comments and suggestions on the activities of the association.
  3. Receive information: You have the right to be periodically informed about the ongoing activities and use of funds by choosing one of our available platforms: e-mail and mailing, website, mail, and flyers.
  4. Protection of people’s dignity: You will not receive communication that harms your dignity or the dignity of a person or group.
  5. Information on the results: You will know about the development of ongoing activities and the obtained results.
  6. Verification and Control: You have the option to view the budget for operation and receive this data through the chosen platform.
  7. Privacy: Your information will be protected according to the Policy of Privacy and the corresponding laws in Mexico.