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Puente a la Salud Comunitaria and SiKanda are announcing a strategic alliance effective January 2022

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Solidaridad Internacional Kanda (International Solidarity Kanda, SiKanda)

We are a nonprofit and nonpartisan Oaxacan organization founded in 2009. We promote sustainable local development with communities facing marginalization.

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Programatic Areas

We focus on 5 program areas, which include sustainability, interculturality, gender equity, intergenerationality and human rights perspectives as cross-cutting axes of our projects.

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Inclusive Recycling

We promote the recognition of the rights of informal recyclers, their organization and inclusion in the municipal systems of urban waste management.

Projects: Inclusive, Dignified and Productive Recycling in Oaxaca (San Lorenzo Cacaotepec and Huajuapan de Leon)

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Sustainable Habitat

We encourage environmental education for children, communal waste management, and Eco Technologies.

Projects: Worm-Action-Center (CLA), Green Libraries

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Paths to Equality

Promotion of gender equity, financial autonomy and empowerment for women, and social justice.

Projects: WAVE: Women in Entrepreneurship: Acting, Linking and Empowering

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Visible Youth

Projects that address problems from a youth perspective, focused on promoting a culture of peace, gender equality and participation.

Projects: Prevail, Promoting Youth Communities, Girls on Bikes, Youth Compass

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Communities in Motion

These projects aim at citizenship participation and articulation for the promotion of social inclusion, cohesion, governance, as well as the inclusion of agricultural migrant communities and young people in labor policy.

Projects: Equal, Fields of Hope, Youth Compass, Empowering for Community Health (Completed), Polo for Participatory Citizenship (Completed), Community Governance (Completed)

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Why Oaxaca?

Source: Coneval 2018

Population living in poverty


Without access to food


Without access to basic services


Without access to Social Security and Health services



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Be a part of the organization’s activities, either in person or virtually, write and email to info@sikanda.org.

Are you in the USA? Visit our omprakash profile to know more about volunteering with SiKanda in Mexico.

Every donation counts!

…and allows us to continue collaborating with the communities through the projects. We also accept some in-kind donations. We are an authorized donee and gifts made in Mexico are tax deductible.

Are you an expat or a friend living abroad and want to donate? You can also receive a tax deduction receipt  donating through one of our allied nonprofit associations abroad. Click here to visit our donation page and get more details or write an e-mail to donaciones@sikanda.org

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A more equitable world is possible

As a donor, volunteer or participant in projects, this is how it feels to be part of SiKanda International Solidarity Kanda.

Pedro Constantino
Advisor at the Election Institute of Mexico City

Collaborating with SiKanda has been one of the most rewarding experiences I have had. It is a serious organization with a strong commitment to the community and the environment.

Johannes Cabannes
Professor, UNAM

I believe and collaborate with SiKanda because it has always sought to create a more just and caring world. With passion, commitment and a lot of professionalism they have changed the present and the future of many people.

Ivania de la Cruz
Researcher, CIDE Education Program

They are a very professional team. Additionally, donations are deductible and are used transparently and efficiently.

Our Partners & Allies

We thank the Foundations, Organizations and Companies that have supported our mission.

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