SiKanda y The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women   te invitan a   aplicar para la consultoría de corto plazo  para el desarrollo de l currículo de capacitación para mujeres micro emprendedoras en Zaachila oriente, Oaxaca, México.

El proceso de selección  será realizado por The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, con base en los términos de referencia  que compartimos a continuación, los cuales puedes descargar en pdf  dando clic en esta liga. 

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  1. About us

The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women (the Foundation) supports women entrepreneurs in developing and emerging economies to access the skills, technology, networks and financial services they need to become successful small and growing business owners. We are driven by our vision of a world where women have equal opportunities and the capability, confidence and capital necessary to create thriving enterprises and have a stronger voice in their societies.

Working in collaboration with our non-profit, private and public sector partners, we have supported over 140,000 women from 100 countries across our programmes. To find out more, visit

  1. Background

The Foundation is looking to contract a consultant to design and develop a business management and soft skills training curriculum for women micro entrepreneurs in Oaxaca, Mexico.

The project will support 300 marginalised women entrepreneurs with business operating in a fringe area located around the largest dumpsite in the Villa de Zaachila Municipality. The project will provide tailored skills training and business development support, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, networks and confidence they need to become successful small business owners.

The project aims to meet the following outcomes:

  • Women will have increased their revenue and/or profit
  • Women will have increased their number of clients
  • Women will have increased confidence in their ability to manage their business effectively
  • Women will have accessed new peer business support
  • Women will be implementing improved business practices
  • We will have developed and tested a methodology which could be scaled to other marginalised women in Mexico and potentially beyond.

The project will be delivered by the Foundation in collaboration with its local implementation partner, Solidaridad Internacional Kanda A.C. (SiKanda).

  1. Scope of the consultancy

The purpose of this consultancy is to design and develop a tailored training and coaching enterprise development curriculum, which will empower micro women entrepreneurs in Villa de Zaachila, Oaxaca, to become more competitive entrepreneurs. The curriculum will build on findings from a needs assessment conducted in the autumn of 2018 to assess the needs of the target audience.

The training will be delivered to women in groups of around 25, while coaching will be delivered in groups of 3-6. The training will focus on knowledge transfer and the coaching on enhancing this knowledge and applying it in the context of their specific businesses. The training and coaching sessions will be held weekly and will be delivered in parallel over a period of four months. In total, the participants will receive 45 hours of support.

The training curriculum will cover the following key topics:

  1. Business idea: Identifying needs and value proposition
  2. Strategic goals and operational model
  3. Markets and customer segments
  4. Business finances
  5. Writing business plans
  6. Gender and entrepreneurship

The training will also promote knowledge of basic life skills among the women entrepreneurs, including critical thinking, decision making, solving problems and conflicts, managing emotions and stress, self-esteem, creative thinking, interpersonal relations, empathy and effective communication. These skills will be promoted as cross-cutting focus areas during the training and coaching.

Specifically, the consultant will:

  1. Design and develop the curriculum framework including learning objectives, learning path, and day-by-day curriculum.
  2. Develop the content of the course material, organised in coherent modules and lessons and related assessment tools to gauge participants’ learning.
  1. Develop a comprehensive trainer’s manual with instructions on how to deliver the curriculum.
  2. Design, develop and deliver a Training of Trainers (ToT) on the curriculum – in both English and Spanish.

The consultant will work in close collaboration with the Foundation and SiKanda, our local implementation partner and the needs assessment consultant.

  1. Deliverables

The following deliverables are expected during and at the end of the consultancy:

  • Initial kick-off meeting/call with the Foundation to agree the scope of the consultancy.
  • Training design blueprint of the enterprise development curriculum and sample instructional module.
  • Draft enterprise development curriculum and related course materials.
  • Final curriculum and related course materials – in both English and Spanish.
  • Training of Trainers on the enterprise development curriculum and delivery, and trainer’s manual – in both English and Spanish.

The due dates for all deliverables will be finalised by the consultant with the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women prior to contracting.

Please note that all deliverables must be developed in English as well as Spanish.

  1. Scoring criteria for consultant selection
Experience of designing training courses for women’s enterprise development A record of designing and developing enterprise development training courses, especially for women entrepreneurs in Mexico.40%
Experience working on women’s entrepreneurship In-depth expertise on women’s entrepreneurship in developing and emerging economies, in particular Mexico. Previous experience of working with rural, micro entrepreneurs.25%
Proposed methodologyThe consultant must display the ability to clearly explain in their proposal their vision for the course. The consultant must work in consultation with the Foundation and its local partner in Mexico.20%
Financial proposal The most economical proposal that meets the expectations of the work will be selected.15%
  1. Timeframe

The consultancy is expected to commence in February 2019 and run until March 2019.

  1. Payment terms

The payment terms will be finalised with the consultant prior to contracting. Please note that the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women does not make advance payments.

  • 30% of the fee will be paid upon satisfactory approval of the training design blueprint and sample instructional module.
  • 30% of the fee will be paid upon satisfactory approval of the draft enterprise development curriculum and related course materials.
  • 40% of the fee will be paid upon satisfactory completion of the final curriculum and related course materials.

The consultant is expected to provide her/his own office space and working equipment. In addition, the consultant is expected to cover the cost of insurance, travel, communication and any expenses associated with the consultancy within the available budget.

  1. Instructions for submission

All submissions must be sent to by 17:00 GMT on 28 January 2019. Please use ‘Curriculum Design in Mexico’ as the subject title of your email application.

Prospective consultants are expected to submit technical and financial proposals in English including the following:

  • Profile of consultant/firm, clear demonstration of previous experience in developing enterprise development curricula
  • Understanding of the Terms of Reference
  • Approach and methodology
  • Work plan
  • Proposed budget in GBP and inclusive of VAT

Appendices to the proposal must include:

  • CVs of the consultancy team
  • Three references from similar projects undertaken by the consultant, including e-mail contacts and phone numbers.

Questions and clarifications regarding the Terms of Reference sho