Green Libraries

SiKanda promotes the establishment of orchards and Green Libraries in public elementary schools and secondary schools in the Municipality of Zaachila.


In order to encourage reading, foster a culture of recycling and promote social cohesion, SiKanda promotes the creation of vegetable gardens and Green Libraries in the primary and secondary public schools of the Municipality of Zaachila. In this way, boys, girls, and young people have a clean, safe, and fun place built by themselves, to enjoy reading. For its construction over 8 thousand PET bottles and 10 thousand TetraPak are needed. Thanks to the support of the Techamos una Mano Foundation, which facilitates the model of each construction, the participation of mothers, parents, students, teachers and the neighboring community is encouraged.

  • 76% of Oaxacans have not read a single book in the last year.


  • 30% of Oaxacans do not have books at home.

General objective:

To set up Green Libraries in primary and secondary public schools in the municipality of Villa de Zaachila so that children and young people have a clean, safe, and fun place built to promote the culture of recycling and social cohesion.

  • 800 girls, boys, and adolescents from 6 public schools with access to books and teaching materials.
  • 2 Green Libraries built in Adolfo López Mateos y Bicentenario primary schools.
  • 20,000 PET bottles and 16,000 Tetra Pak packages reused for construction.
  • 550 students now have a clean, safe, and well-lit space to read.
  • Over 350 books were donated to each one of the schools.
  • 1 campaign was launched to promote the continuous donation of books to enrich the Green Libraries.
  • More Green Libraries will be set up in other public schools in the area.

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